Logo, Posters, Social Media Assets.

  1. Logo
  2. 1st Birthday 
  3. Czech Republic 
  4. My Lady Garden
  5. Pet Nat Party
  6. Tillingham 
  7. Adidas London Yoga
  8. 2nd Birthday
  9. Beaujolais Nouveau
  10. Novel Mart

Dalston Wine Club's brand identity is designed to appeal to young people who are interested in exploring the world of wine. The club's monthly tastings, founded and run by wine writer Hannah Crosbie, offer a unique and approachable experience. Event posters and social media assets feature sketch-like illustrations and contrasting typographic styles, evoking the personality of each month's wine theme.

Brand Values:
︎︎︎ Characterful
︎︎︎ Fun
︎︎︎ Approachable